Bonfires that will light up the night!


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There’s a nip in the air and fall is finally here! Break out the boots, chunky sweaters and hot chocolate. One of the best ways to celebrate the changing seasons is by hosting a bonfire for family, friends and neighbors. This gathering is an informal way to connect people and enjoy lively conversations and delicious food and drinks. Take a look at our tips below that will help you throw the most incredible bonfire!


Bonfire Party Safety

Be sure you have a wide, open area for your bonfire party and plenty of space for guests. If desired, a portable fire pit could be used in the middle of your backyard. Do not use flammable liquids to start your fire, as they can be dangerous and unpredictable. Properly arrange the kindling and logs to light the fire naturally. The bonfire should be started before guests arrive so that it’s burning nicely when the party begins. Keep a bucket of water and a fire extinguisher nearby just in case, and always be sure to put out the fire completely when the party ends.


Bonfire Decorations

For a festive look, cover the food table with a red checked tablecloth. You may also select to use red and white plates, as well as napkins with a bandanna design, or buy several cloth bandannas to use as napkins. Use western-style lanterns on tables, hanging from trees and around the bonfire to light the way. Using clear holiday lights in tree branches and on the patio or deck is a low-cost way to decorate with high impact. Be sure to place a portable sound system in place to play low background music. Seating your guests or large logs or bales of hay near the fire or even lawn chairs for added comfort. Be sure to strategically place several trashcans out so dirty plates and cups don’t end up on the ground. Fill a basket with glow necklaces and bracelets, which will light the way and be a big hit once the sun goes down!


Bonfire Party Menu

The best type of food is informal cozy comfort food. Be sure that everything is easy to eat, as you may not have a traditional table and chairs setup at your bonfire. Think easy creations such as, caramel or toffee apples, hot dogs on roasting sticks for guests to prepare and Jiffy Pop-brand popcorn that can be popped over the fire. When you think of a bonfire, most will instantly think of s’mores. Create a DIY


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