About Snappening

Snappening is the most comprehensive online service for planning your own event. After countless hours of research with consumers, professional planners and venue managers, and even more time designing and developing an online service that meets the needs of the event planning community, here it is! Snappening is your best friend, the one who knows everything about planning the perfect event! And the best news is, it's quick, it's easy. It's Event Planning, in a Snap! It's Snappening!  


Snappening was born out of a real-life need by a real-life consumer doing what we all want to do most - plan an exceptional event to create a lasting memory.

The founding principal, Crystal Grave, assisted a friend in the process of planning a wedding reception. She realized she was able to navigate this process with a little effort, but that was mainly because she was familiar with the venues in Indianapolis. She soon realized how daunting a task this could be for someone who wasn’t familiar with the industry or the local venues.

She spent some time researching venues online as any consumer would have, and soon realized that finding a comprehensive list of venues in Indianapolis was like searching for Bigfoot. Not to mention that surveying the venues and collecting proposals would take a newbie more hours (if not days) than the average time-pressed individual has to spend. She knew there had to be a better, faster and easier way for people (and venues) to connect the dots. (Not to mention the fact that professional planners were perhaps being left out of the equation altogether when their services could be an asset to some consumers who are either unfamiliar with or unsure about whether or not a planner may be right for them.)

And that’s how she came up with the idea for Snappening, a site that takes the burden off our shoulders so we can focus on what’s most important – making lasting memories with friends, family, colleagues and partners.
The organization has a simple mission and vision – be widely recognized as the most comprehensive and complete listing service and database tool in Central Indiana (and eventually beyond) for all special events and private functions. And, in less than a year of active site time, we’re well on our way.

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Crystal Grave, President & CEO
Crystal Grave is a seasoned marketing and sales professional with over 15 years of branding, public relations, strategic development and sales experience. During this 15-year tenure, she has also been involved with planning dozens of personal and professional events for anything from a handful of friends to more than 50,000 spectators.

Crystal has an extensive network of professionals in and around event industry and has relied upon this network to create an incomparable online event planning service. Snappening is the result of tireless research and development with professionals in a variety of disciplines along with feedback and suggestion from a variety of consumers, professional planners and venue managers.